The music major is available in two degree programs. Both include the opportunity to take applied lessons with highly acclaimed faculty artists and scholars, as well as a compulsory foundation in music theory and history, keyboard skills, and ensemble participation.

Students choosing the bachelor of arts degree can expect a substantial amount of musical study encompassing about three years. This degree consists of six successive semesters of applied lessons culminating with a junior recital in the sixth semester. Alternatively, those who wish to pursue research in music may present a research project or document in lieu of the junior recital and last semester of applied lessons. The BA degree requires that a minor area of study be included in the program of studies.

Students wishing to take a course of study in music that will prepare them for graduate study and eventually a professional career in performance, music theory, music history, composition, or piano pedagogy should pursue a bachelor of music degree. The BM degree is recommended for students who have the desire and capacity to reach high standards of achievement in performance study. Students with composition background may pursue the composition option, while music scholars wishing to increase their understanding of the history and/or theory of music can pursue the music history or music theory options. The performance options include eight successive semesters of applied lessons and culminate with a senior recital.

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