Theresa Luensmann

Assistant Director Engineering Career Services

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

How did you gain experience when you were a student?  My first job as a student was working on the Summer Orientation Staff at my university. That role and my job as a Resident Assistant helped me determine that I wanted to work with college students in the future, and those positions helped me build many of the skills I continue to use in my career.

How did you become a career development professional? I always knew that I wanted to work in a field where I could help people. During college, I discovered that working with college students was an incredibly rewarding experience for me, so I pursued an M.S. in Counseling and College Student Development. I am passionate about helping students find their future career paths, and I was able to work in Career Services both as an undergraduate and in graduate school. After holding professional roles in residence life, academic advising, and recruitment, I moved into Career Services.

Who is someone who impacted your career development? My supervisor when I was a Resident Assistant as an undergraduate helped me to find my passion and future career path and encouraged me to pursue it. She helped me to see that working with college students was a career option, and she guided me through the process for applying to graduate schools to pursue that dream.

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