Preparing for Career Fairs

Career Fairs bring internship and job opportunities to you – be ready to take advantage of them! Check out the sections below for quick videos and resources to know how to prepare to connect with employers and reach your immediate and long term career goals.

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When, Where, & Why: Register for the Career Fairs
Why go to the Career Fair?

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Employers & Resumes: What to Know

Career Fair Clothing Basics for Everyone
Ideas for affordably building your career fair outfit
Career Fair Dress Quick Tips
Career Fair Clothing Found On Campus
Career Fair Clothing with Your Goals in Mind
Handling Swag, Bags, and More

Guide to Researching Employers
Researching Employers Made Easy
Make the Most of Your Employer Research
Don’t Get Overwhelmed Researching Employers
How do I research an employer?
Your Top Employers: How to Learn More
Using the Career Fair Map Now & at the Fair
Follow Employers’ Social Media: Here’s Why
Why research anything before the Career Fair?
Who Is Hiring? Going Beyond the Known
Who at the Fair is Hiring? Find Them Here

How to Make a Positive Impression Before Saying a Thing
Key Points to Share at a Fair
LinkedIn & Business Card Etiquette
Introduce Yourself! Here’s How
Don’t have a career plan? Know what to say anyway!
Go-To Employer Questions
Conversation Starters & Strategies
What if I don’t want to shake hands?
Wrapping Up the Conversation

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