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Recruiting and Branding

This guide provides tools to help create new programs or strengthen existing initiatives, including goal development, planning and mentorship. Our goal is to ensure employers have the resources needed to establish and grow their programs for talented student interns, as well as to provide tools, procedures, and frameworks that help Huskers have quality experiences.

Why should I hire an intern?

Hiring interns can help organizations:

  • Lower training time, and turnover rates and reduce recruiting costs
  • Build a reputation that pays off with students, colleges, and the community. 
  • Save money while benefiting from the input of talented, eager, and innovative students.

Some other benefits include:

  • A continuous pool of highly-qualified students to recruit into your organization
  • Stronger relationships with the schools you hire your interns from.
  • Built-in word-of-mouth campus ambassadors for your positions and organization
  • More time in your schedule as you have an intern to help with tasks that could have bogged down your day.

Internship Development

Recruiting and Branding

DEI for Employers

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