Government, Policy, International Affairs & Law

Do you have strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills? Are you interested in learning about developing public policy, community organizing, and engagement, or how to improve public safety?  Careers in this community focus on public administration/service, public policies and political process, law, and legal services, non-profit and NGOs, criminal investigation, and more. Career Pathways In This Community  Since a major doesn’t always indicate a specific career path, it may be challenging to know all the possibilities and career options that exist in each field. By clicking on the career pathways below, you can start exploring some of the career options for each pathway. While these are not comprehensive lists, this resource can serve as a guide to provide students, advisors, and faculty with recommendations and keywords for further career exploration and research.

  • Criminology
    • Corrections • Criminal Behavioral Science • Criminal Investigation • Criminal Justice Administration • Criminal Justice Training • Criminal Profiling • Crisis Response/Management • Criminal Psychology • Cyber Security • Forensic Psychology • Fraud Investigation • Global Intelligence • Juvenile Corrections/Justice • Probation/Parole & Rehabilitaiton • Private Investigation • Private Security • Public Safety • Law Enforcement

  • Emergency Management
    • Critical Incidents Management • Crisis Response Management • Disaster Recovery Management • Emergency Response Management • Environmental Health and Safety • Fire Inspection • Hazard Mitigation • Hospital Emergency Preparedness • Nuclear Emergency Planning • Risk Management

  • Federal Government
    • Accounting and Budgeting • Administrative and Office Management • Biological Sciences • Business and Industry • Copyright, Patent and Trademark • Education & Training • Engineering and Architecture • Law and Legal Services • Library and Archives • Information, Arts and Languages • Information Technology • Investigation and Enforcement • Mathematics and Statistics • Physical Sciences • Quality Assurance and Inspection • Social Science, Psychology and Social Welfare • Supply and Distribution • Transportation and Logistics

  • Foreign Service & International Affairs
    • Consular Services • Diplomacy Services • Economic and Trade Services • Higher Education – Teaching/Research • Management • Political Services

  • Law & Legal Services
    • Bankruptcy Law • Conflict Resolution/Mediation • Criminal Law • Domestic/International Advocacy • Employment Law • Environmental Law • Family Law • Family Services/Casework • Foresenic Law • Health Law • Immigration Law • Information Technology Law • Intellectual Property Law • International Law • Judicial Services • Juvenile Law • Legal Research • Lobbying • Maritime Law • Military Law • Paralegal • Personal Injury Law • Real Estate Law • Social Justice/Civil Rights Law • Tax Law

  • National Security
    • Air Rescue • Air Force Special Tactics • Behavioral Analysis • Business Analysis • CIA • Crptology • Cyber-Security • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) • Federal Law Enforcement • Foresic Accounting • Homeland Security • Hostage Rescue • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) • Linguistics • National Security • Secret Service

  • Public Administration
    • Governance • National Security • Foreign Service • Planning • Revenue and Taxation • Regulation • Public Administration/Management

  • Public Policy
    • Community Organizing • Higher Education/Faculty/Research • Lobbyist • Political Scientist • Public Policy/Administration • Public Policy Analysis/Development • Public Policy Research • Public Relations

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
    • Community Health Promotion and Education • Building Infrastrusture • Community Advocacy and Organizing (Social Issues) • Economic and Financial Management • Environmental Advocacy/Activism • Development/Fundraising • Managing Emergency Health Crises


Majors & Minors

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