Agriculture and Food Systems

Does helping to create sustainable food sources and natural resources sound interesting to you? Do you enjoy growing and caring for plants and animals and working with your hands? Careers in this community explore the connection between community and human development to our natural resources, including plant, crop, food and animal sciences, agronomy and natural resources management, fisheries, forestry, and water management, and more. Career Pathways In This Community  Since a major doesn’t always indicate a specific career path, it may be challenging to know all the possibilities and career options that exist in each field. By clicking on the career pathways below, you can start exploring some of the career options for each pathway. While these are not comprehensive lists, this resource can serve as a guide to provide students, advisors, and faculty with recommendations and keywords for further career exploration and research.

  • Agribusiness
    • Agribusiness Account Management/Sales • Agribusiness/Business Management • Agricultural Inspection • Agricultural Journalism • Agricultural Lending/Commercial Banking • Agricultural Lobbyist • Agricultural Processing/Packaging • Agricultural Real Estate/Land Development • Agricultural Appraisal • Agricultural Commodities Broker • Agricultural Commodity Technical Analyst • Agricultural Consumer Affairs • Agricultural Cooperative Management • Agricultural Education/Extension • Dairy Products Production • Crop & Livestock Management • Economic Development • Export-import Agent • Extension Farm Agent • Fair Manager • Farm Advisor • Farm Claims Adjuster • Farm Credit Manager • Farm Equipment Dealer • Farm Insurance Underwriter • Farm or Ranch Manager • Financial Analyst • Government Regulatory Agent/Grain Purchaser • Insurance Agent/Manager • International Agribusiness Management • International Marketing Management • International Trade • Land and Resource Management • Rural Development Planning

  • Animal & Veterinary Science
    • Animal Assisted Therapy • Animal Biotechnology • Animal Breeding • Animal Caretaking • Animal Health • Animal Rescue • Animal Science • Animal Training • Herpetology • Laboratory Science • Marine Biology • Veterinary Science • Veterinary Technology • Wildlife Biology • Zoology

  • Food Science, Production & Technology
    • Biomedical Laboratory Technologist • Certified Laboratory Scientist • Clinical Nutrition • Clinical Trials • Chemist • Dietitics • Food & Flavor Artist/Technologist • Food Laboratory Technologist • Food Research & Development • Food Safety Inspection/Quality Control • Food Safety Management • Food Sales/Account Management • Food Service Management • Food Technologist • Livestock Feed • Livestock Production • Meat and Dairy Food Production • Nutrition Research • Product Development/Technology • Quality Control & Inspection • Regulatory Technologist • Research & Development Technology • Sensory Food Technologist

  • Horticulture, Plant & Crop Management
    • Aerial Applicator • Aeroculture Specialist • Agricultural Engineering • Agronomy • Aquaculture Specialist • Aquatic Botany • Arborism/Aborist • Biochemistry • Botany • Conservation Biology • Culinary Horticulturist • Ecologist • Enology • Entomology • Environmental Engineering • Farming • Field Biology • Floral Design • Floriculture • Forester • Greenhouse Engineering • Greenhouse Growers • Habitat Restoration • Herbarium Curation • Horticultural/Environmental Law • Horticultural Product Management • Horticultural Supply Chain Management • Horticultural Therapy • Hydrology • Illustrator/Artist/Photographer • Interior Plant Technology • Interiorscape Design • Irrigation Specialist • Landscape Architecture/Landscaper • Nematology • Olericulture • Ornamental Horticulture • Permaculture Design • Plant Biology • Plant Breeding • Plant Chemistry • Plant Cytology • Plant Diagnostics • Plant Ecology • Plant Genetics • Pomology • Plant Researcher • Seed Production • Soil Specialist • Urban Farmer • Viticulture • Weed and Invasive Plant Specialist • Zoological Horticulture • Zymurgist

  • Turfgrass & Landscape Management
    • Athletic Field Management • Golf Course Superintendent • Irrigation Specialist • Landscape designer/contractor • Park/Commercial Grounds Manager • Plant/Seed Breeding • Residential lawn care business • Seed & Nutrient Supplier • Sod Grower • Soil Specialist • Turf Equipment Manufacturer/Sales • Turf Management • Weed Science


Majors & Minors

The bachelor of science in veterinary science degree allows students to enter into the biomedical science or animal health career …

The field of insect science encompasses the agricultural, biological, and environmental sciences related to insects and their interactions with humans. …

University of Nebraska–Lincoln students pursuing the bachelor of science degree in grassland systems will have the benefit of studying at …

The field of animal science encompasses the sciences related to animals and their contributions and interactions with humans. This program …

The Department of Biochemistry offers studies leading to either a bachelor of science (BS) or to a combined bachelors and …

The microbiology major is an interdepartmental major that offers educational opportunities in various areas of microbiology leading to a bachelor …

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