Micro-Internship & Mentoring Program – Student Info

The Micro-Internship & Mentoring Program is dedicated to providing paid internship opportunities to First Generation and underrepresented students. All students will be considered. Experiences are 8-12 weeks with up to 15 hours per week and in person.

Application Deadline Extended

The following micro-internship applications have been extended until Sunday September 24 at midnight.

The Program Offers Students the Opportunity to:

Complete a Paid Internship

Gain Experience, Skills, & Mentorship

Explore Possible Career Paths


  • Look through the available Micro-Internships above.
  • Apply for each Micro-Internship of interest by the deadline indicated.
  • Selections will be communicated to you via email.
  • If selected, we will introduce you to your supervisor via email at which time you will work with them to determine specific start date, schedule, and discuss training.
  • Meet with and provide documentation for Human Resources Specialist for payroll purposes.
  • Meet with a University Career Services team member to discuss goals for your experience.
  • Begin your internship!

Expectations of Interns

  • Complete up to 15 hours/week depending on internship requirements entering them into the payroll system weekly by Friday.
  • Set a schedule in collaboration with your supervisor and adhere to the schedule as planned, notifying your supervisor about any exceptions.
  • Learn and abide by the organizations policies, procedures, dress code, privacy or confidentiality agreements, and standards of conduct.
  • Submit a weekly internship reflection through the website.
  • Upon ending the internship, complete a survey about the Micro-Internship Program and your experience.
  • Meet requirements listed in the Student Expectations.

Application Tips and Examples

Employers will see your responses to the following questions in the application:

  1. What interests you in this opportunity?
  2. Based on your experiences so far such as class and personal projects, club and organization involvement, previous jobs or responsibilities, describe the skills you think you can bring to this opportunity?
  3. Organizations can include a third question that will be unique to each position.

Consider the position and organization you will be applying for and how your experiences, skills, knowledge, and interests match those. You do not have to have direct experience in the field, but you can describe how your interests and goals align with the organization and/or the position. Describe the broad skills and understanding you have which will be useful in the role. Let them get to know you! See below for examples of application answers to those questions.

Example of how to answer application questions based on the project description and the preferred qualifications:

What interests you in this position? 

I have always been interested in communications and promotions, especially in writing. I am a Journalism major and have taken writing classes in the College and through the English Department, but I know I have more to learn about promotional writing specifically which this position will provide. Motivating others to gain career experience sounds fun and rewarding. I know my experiences have made a difference for me and I would like to help others have similar opportunities.  Learning how to run specific reports will be helpful to me as I know evaluating your outcomes is important in any organization. Marketing strategy has also always fascinated me, and I would love to explore that interest. I am also a First-Generation student, so I am excited by the opportunity to help others like me gain experience. 

Based on your experiences so far such as class and personal projects, club and organization involvement, previous jobs or responsibilities, describe the skills you think you can bring to this opportunity? 

My Journalism and English classes have given me a sound foundation in writing, and I am eager to practice targeted, promotional writing. In one of my classes, we learned how to write email for different audiences effectively. My experience with Excel is a bit better than basic, having used it in classes and in a part-time job I had in my high school’s main office. I am comfortable learning and going deeper into systems and often use YouTube to learn how to do something in Excel I am unfamiliar with. I am also very organized, being involved in three student organizations, working part-time in a campus job, and balancing my studies requires a lot of time management skills and focus. One of these organizations is MASA, the Mexican American Student Association, for which I am secretary which involves a lot of communication between our Advisors, executive team, and membership. Through this role I have enjoyed representing and helping to support the development of underrepresented students. Through my involvement, I have become connected to many students which can help me promote programs and opportunities to a diverse student audience. I have also developed teamwork and interpersonal skills through my involvement. Members and executive board members alike must collaborate to make an organization great. I look forward to putting these skills to work in a position like the Project Coordinator with University Career Services.