College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Stephanie Osterthun

Career and Student Experience Coach

Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers

How did you gain experience when you were a student? 

As an undergraduate, I worked as a grocery store cashier, a bank teller, and switchboard operator (i.e. answered the phones) at a large car dealership.  While these experiences didn’t relate directly to my major, they provided me with transferrable skills such as customer service, attention to detail, and conflict resolution.  I was also involved in choir as an undergraduate, and though I didn’t recognize it at the time, this experience also allowed me to gain transferrable skills such as teamwork and helped me develop confidence.


How did you become a career development professional? 

I started my career in higher education as a recruiter and academic advisor at the community college where I graduated.  I immediately loved the advising aspect of my job as it allowed me to help students explore their academic and career goals – something that I struggled with as a college student.  I enjoyed advising so much, that I quit my job to attend graduate school where I obtained a Master’s Degree in Student Counseling and Personnel Services (i.e. Student Affairs).  While in graduate school, I had an internship in the Academic and Career Information Center at my university where I helped students explore majors and careers and conducted resume reviews.

Throughout my time as an academic advisor, I sought out opportunities to help students identify their career goals, and have developed and taught a few different major/career exploration courses.  I have also worked as an MBA Advisor and Pre-Vet Advisor where I assisted students with gaining the career and leadership experiences necessary to be successful in graduate and professional school.  All of this led me to my current position as Career and Student Experience Coach in CASNR!


Who is someone who impacted your career development?

Too many people to mention!  If I had to pick one, I would pick my supervisor, Maggie, who hired me for my first job as a recruiter and academic advisor.  Had she not taken a chance on me, I may never have discovered my passion for helping college students explore and discern their academic and career interests.  And, I met my husband at that first job, so my life changed in big ways as a result of Maggie hiring me!


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