Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Do you have strong problem-solving, mechanical, or mathematical skills?  Do you like to build, construct, improve, and systemize?  Are you interested in utilizing scientific devices and machinery to improve production processes? Careers in this community focus on design, development, consulting, manufacturing and construction, management, and more.

Career Pathways In This Community 
Since a major doesn’t always indicate a specific career path, it may be challenging to know all the possibilities and career options that exist in each field. By clicking on the career pathways below, you can start exploring some of the career options for each pathway. While these are not comprehensive lists, this resource can serve as a guide to provide students, advisors, and faculty with recommendations and keywords for further career exploration and research.


Majors & Minors

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) offers Nebraska’s only comprehensive program of higher education, research, …

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers both the bachelor of science and the bachelor of arts degrees in …

The College of Business at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has established an undergraduate supply chain management major to educate students …

We aim to develop both the mindset and skill set that will make our graduates outstanding global citizens who are …

The CSE department offers a unique and challenging baccalaureate degree program in software engineering, incorporating hands-on learning and integrated computer …

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