Career Interest Communities

Many majors don’t point to a specific career path, rather there are many possibilities to consider as you explore your academic and career interests.  Career Interest Communities are industry-themed groups that help you explore your areas of interest and potential career pathways you could try.

Each community contains career ideas, majors and minors for exploration, and student and professional organizations that are unique to each group. These curated resources are designed to help you learn about your options and gain industry-specific information to help you land a job or internship.

We encourage you to explore as many Career Communities as you’d like and don’t forget to reach out to chat with a UNL Career Coach who can help you figure out your next steps, wherever you are in the process.

Agriculture & Food Systems

Careers in this community explore the connection between community and human development to our natural resources, including plant, crop, and animal sciences, agronomy and natural resources management, fisheries, forestry, and water management, and more.

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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Careers in this community focus on design, development, consulting, manufacturing and construction, management, and more.

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Arts, Entertainment, Media & Design

Careers in this community focus on designing, performing, composing, writing, and more.

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Computing, Software & Data Analytics 

Careers in this community focus on developing computer systems, managing computer networks, analyzing, coding, presenting, and interpreting data to address industry problems, and more.

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Economics, Banking & Finance

Careers in this community focus on risk analysis and management, applying knowledge for problem-solving and decision-making, and more.

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Environment & Natural Resources

Careers in this community focus on ecological and geographical research, forestry and wildlife management, applying knowledge to educate and inform on how to protect the environment and human/animal health, and more.

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Government, Policy, Public Administration & Law

Careers in this community focus on public administration/service, public policies and political process, law, and legal services, non-profit and NGOs, criminal investigation, and more.

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Health & Wellness

Careers in this community focus on health management and administration, diagnosis of specific diseases, nutrition, and wellness coaching, and more.

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Hospitality, Sports & Recreation

Careers in this community focus on management, marketing, sports and entertainment, lodging and tourism, event planning, travel, recreation, and more.

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Human Services, Teaching & Training

human services, teaching, training

Careers in this community focus on counseling and development of specific populations and organizations, educational administration, teaching and learning, and more.

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Management, Marketing & Sales

Careers in this community focus on consulting, leadership, marketing and research, sales, and more.

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Science, Research & Development

Careers in this field focus on designing and conducting research, providing scientific consultations, logistics, and more.

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