Micro-Internship & Mentoring Program: Employer Information

About the Program

*Please note all Micro-Internships must be in Lincoln, Nebraska

Applications to host an intern for the 2024-25 academic year are open!

The Micro-Internship and Mentoring Program is dedicated to assisting First Generation students or underrepresented students gain professional opportunities they may not have had access to otherwise. Through this program, students can explore, make connections, gain experience, and mentorship in an industry of interest while not having to commit to a longer, more traditional internship. A Micro-Internship is a University funded, short-term, and project-based experience.

Micro-internships must be able to host in-person hours for 75% or more of the time the intern completes. These opportunities are 8-10 weeks long, ranging from 40- 150 hours of total work with 15 hours per week being the maximum. An organization may hire up to 3 students per term (Fall/Spring) through the program.

**The Micro-Internship and Mentoring Program is not intended to take the place of existing internship programs but rather create opportunities. Micro-Internships must be unique opportunities that are not pre-existing within your organization.


  • Expand your team at no payroll cost to your organization
  • Introduce prospective team members to your organization
  • Gain project completion by your intern
  • Increase your organization’s exposure to students as a great place to work

Getting Started

  • Review career interest areas to determine if you have a project that can fit into one of those categories
  • Read Employer Expectations
  • Check out our description guide and submit an application
  • Once application is submitted, it will be reviewed, and we will respond to you within a week
  • Sign memorandum of understanding upon acceptance into program

Micro-Internship Program Seeking Positions in the following areas

Arts, Entertainment, Media & Design

  • Social Media 
  • Graphic design 
  • Event Planning 
  • Exhibit development 
  • Videography 
  • Class instruction

Economics, Banking & Finance

  • Research- labor, economics, market trends
  • Auditing
  • Consumer Research
  • Statistical Analysis- portfolios or products

Environment & Natural Resources

  • Education- public education, exhibits, sustainability campaigns
  • Research- local trends and services
  • Sustainability planning and system development
  • Wildlife Management
icon of government building

Government, Policy, Public Administration & Law

  • Research policy, impact, precedents 
  • Legislative Intern
  • Education 
  • Advocacy/ program assessment 

Hospitality, Sports & Recreation

  • Event Planning, staffing, promotion 
  • Coaching- sport 
  • Nutrition planning
human services, teaching, training

Human Services, Teaching & Training

  • Coaching
  • After school programs 
  • Camp leadership 
  • Developing Curriculum   
  • Language and literacy 

Management, Marketing & Sales

  • Market research and strategy
  • Direct Sales
  • Business Plan Development
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Human Resources Support

Guide for creating internship description

What to include while applying

  • Describe the intern’s duties and what skills they can expect to gain.
  • List the ideal candidate skill set.
  • You will have the opportunity to add one unique question to the student application which you can submit through your application form.

Student Applications

Once your organizations position has been accepted into the Micro-Internship & Mentoring Program, we will post the experience and promote it to our students for 3 weeks. The student application is meant to reduce barriers for underrepresented students, therefore there is no formal interview process or resume submission. Instead, our students answer questions that detail their interest in the position and what skills they are bringing to the table. You are able to include one additional question that is more tailored to you organization or project if you choose to. We will send all application that we receive, and you will then have a week to select your intern.

  1. What interests you in this opportunity?
  2. Based on your experiences so far such as class and personal projects, club and organization involvement, previous jobs or responsibilities, describe the skills you think you can bring to this opportunity?
  3. A third question is optional and can be submitted through the employer application.

For questions, contact us!

Ronesha Love


Program Coordinator


Kaitlynn Johnson

Graduate Assistant

Program Coordinator