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University Career Services acknowledges the unique experiences of first-generation college students. First-generation students are those whose parent or guardian did not earn a four year degree and are the first in their family to attend a four-year university. In this community page, you can find resources, events, programs and other information that can help you navigate and achieve success throughout your professional journey at UNL. Connect early and often with your First-Gen Career Advisor for more information regarding career development and exploration.

$50/hr. to walk a dog?!?! How to spot a fraudulent job.

Black man using laptop with job search engine on screen

A new job opportunity is waiting in your inbox.  An employer is interested in you and they just need a little more information to get you set up with this great opportunity.  The pay sounds phenomenal so you’re about to …

By Amber Pape
Amber Pape Events & Marketing Coordinator Amber Pape
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First Gen Career Readiness Series in Full Swing



The First Gen Career Readiness Series began on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. During the first session of the First Gen series students learned about the concept of personal branding and how to identify their First Gen strengths through a …

By Letty Garcia
Letty Garcia Career Advisor Letty Garcia
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