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Ren Holt

Career Advisor

Pronouns: They/Them or She/Her  

How did you gain experience when you were a student?  

In my sophomore year I began working as a peer tutor. In that role I learned to work with students from many backgrounds and different academic areas, always with a focus on supporting student success. My study abroad experience was also influential in teaching me strong communication skills and how to respectfully navigate new cultures, and my internship experiences helped me explore potential career paths beyond my degree requirements.

How did you become a career development professional? 

I wasn’t sure what I wanted from a career when I was in school, so I spent a lot of time exploring afterward. I’ve worked in several fields since I got my college diploma: I’ve been an editor, a teacher and a volunteer coordinator.  I’ve worked in magazines, customer service, childcare, public schools and museum programming. Throughout all of these experiences I learned new skills, and learned more about the type of work that would fit me best. I came to career development because it fits several of my interests and the ways I now know I do my best work: I love working with people, I love setting goals and solving problems, and I love helping students discover how their passions can support their personal, academic and career goals.

Who is someone who impacted your career development? 

Two people who strongly impacted my career development were my supervisors at my on-campus job and my post-graduation internship. My supervisor for peer tutoring was always supportive of new ideas and areas of further study; she always encouraged me to improve my skills and expand my knowledge, something I continue to carry with me to today.  My supervisor in my editing internship was a veteran editor who worked with me in a mentorship role. She modeled flexibility and humor in the face of deadlines and unexpected challenges, and taught me about self-advocacy and networking in the workplace. Both of them made a lasting impact on my approach to my career.


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