Software Development (Minor Only)

The software development minor prepares students with skill sets to enable them to meet the growing demand for familiarity and competency with software development. The minor is designed to:

  • Enable students from a diverse set of majors and backgrounds to participate.
  • Provide a strong foundation in software development to allow them to apply computing throughout their career.

The minor consists of five required courses. The minor’s objectives are anchored around a set of core outcomes, such that students completing the minor will be able to:

  • Apply sound software development principles and methodologies to create software systems that solve real-world problems in various disciplines.
  • Interact, use, and manage large data sets and solve data-centric problems; organize, visualize, and communicate digital data effectively; and use creative competencies to generate creative solutions.
  • Understand the roles of various stakeholders in software development projects, including domain experts, project managers, customers, and developers.
  • Contribute one’s expertise to the solution of problems by effectively collaborating and communicating with other stakeholders in software development projects.