Statistics (Minor Only)

Statistics is the science of data collection, classification, analysis and interpretation. It has evolved into a core discipline for a well-rounded liberal arts education and is of central importance to nearly all of the biological, physical and social sciences. The Department of Statistics offers introductory courses to acquaint students from all disciplines with the essential elements of statistical thinking. STAT 218 Introduction to Statistics or STAT 380 Statistics and Applications can be taken to satisfy ACE Outcome 3.

The department offers a minor in statistics, which is a useful complement for many students. In addition, the minor provides background beneficial for graduate study in statistics. Career opportunities for statisticians with masters and doctoral degrees abound in industry, government and education. Employers include pharmaceutical, health and medical organizations; quality improvement in manufacturing and service; marketing and opinion research; credit and security risk analysis; agribusiness; various governmental agencies including Environmental Protection, Food and Drug Administration, Departments of Census, Energy, Agriculture, and Homeland Security; and emerging fields ranging from bioinformatics to statistical applications in sports.

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