Nutrition & Health Sciences: Nutrition, Exercise & Health Science Option

The program is designed for those students interested in planning, conducting, and managing health-related fitness and wellness programs in a variety of settings. Graduates are prepared to enter a variety of health/fitness/recreation-related positions such as: fitness/wellness programs provided by corporations for their employees; fitness, health assessment, and cardiac rehabilitation programs provided by hospitals or medical clinics; programs provided by YMCAs, private health clubs, and commercial fitness clubs; government or private agencies which provide health or fitness assessment or lifestyle behavior modification programs for employees or other groups of individuals; and community recreation centers and other health, fitness, or lifestyle-related endeavors. The nutrition, exercise and health science option provides an appropriate vehicle for premedical, predental, pre-chiropractic, and pre-physical therapy majors who may be able to obtain a degree in nutrition and simultaneously meet entrance requirements for a professional program.

Snapshot of the Coursework:
-Human Nutrition and Metabolism
-Biomechanics of Human Movement
-Physiology of Exercise
-Human Physiology
-General Chemistry II
-Career Preparation in Nutrition and Health Sciences
-Exercise Testing and Exercise Programming in Adult Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation
-Elements of Biochemistry and Laboratory for Elements of Biochemistry
-Organic Chemistry I
-Cultural Aspects of Food and Nutrition
-Introduction to Sports Nutrition |Essentials of Strength Training & Conditioning

Careers That Connect to this Major:
Review Career Pathways in the Education, Health & Human Services Career Interest Community