Human Development and Family Science

Program Description:
This program provides a comprehensive program grounded in family science theory, research, and professional practice and application for individuals to work with children and families. This career path provides students with knowledge and intervention skills that will assist them in helping to prevent and remedy interpersonal problems experienced by individuals in their family relationships, building on the family’s strengths. In addition, human development and family science will prepare students for graduate school (e.g., family science, family therapy, social work, counseling psychology, and law), or for employment in human services agencies or programs.

Snapshot of the Coursework:
-Introduction to Family Finance
-Family Science
-Dating and Couple Relationships
-Working with Parents
-Addictions and Families
-Family Stress and Crisis, Coping and Recovery
-Human Dimensions of Sustainability
-Refugee Family & Community Wellbeing: Think Globally, Act Locally
-Understanding Families from a Global Context
-Special Topics in Contemporary Family Issues
-Human Sexuality and Society
-Child and Family Policy