The School of Art, Art History and Design offers students the opportunity to investigate visual art through a variety of experiences. The art major enables students to attain proficiency in the practice of art and knowledge of the history of art as part of a general college education. Some may want to devote themselves to a period of intensive studio art education, while others may be interested in pursuing art for the purpose of building cultural awareness and critical thinking skills. Two undergraduate degrees are available to art majors. The student’s career goals will determine the appropriate option.

The bachelor of arts degree (BA) is a liberal arts degree with about forty-five percent of the coursework in the School of Art, Art History and Design, providing the flexibility to study various academic disciplines outside of art. The bachelor of fine arts degree (BFA) is a professional degree, the usual preparation for professional careers or graduate study in studio art, and includes about seventy percent of the coursework from the School of Art, Art History and Design. Increased studio art requirements in the BFA allow for specialization within a chosen area or a customized studio experience.

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