Program Description:
A program that prepares students for analytical thinking; creative problem solving; effective written and oral communication; collecting, analyzing and interpreting data; and gaining expertise regarding the impact of social and cultural dynamics on individual and societal trends. Students may pursue broad training in sociology, or they may pursue a specific Focus Area, such as Crime/Deviance, Family, Health, Social Inequality, or Social Research. The program encourages students strongly to seize the opportunities provided for internship and a variety of research experiences, which play a key role in helping students define their career trajectory and build a resumé.

Snapshot of the Major’s Coursework:
-Introduction to Sociology
-Social Problems
-Introduction to Social Research Methods
-Introduction to Social Statistics
-Sociological Theory
-Applied Sociology: Community-based Research I and II

Focus Areas:
-Social Research

Careers That Connect to this Major:
Review Career Pathways in the Education, Health & Human Services Career Interest Community