Economics (Business)

Economics is a popular major for undergraduates because the content taught has broad application to decisions made by individuals, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. An economics major also helps students understand major economic issues that are discussed and debated at the local, state, national, and international levels of society. In addition, an economics major offers sound preparation in analytical thinking and quantitative methods for students planning to enter professional and graduate programs, particularly those in law, business, finance, public policy, and international relations. Professional economists are employed at colleges and universities as teachers and academic researchers; in many branches of governments as policy analysts and data scientists; and in businesses of all types as economic experts, consultants, and applied researchers. Economists study a wide range of topics that include competition in markets, technology and innovation, public finance (taxes and spending), labor and education, environmental issues, income distribution, money, and monetary policy, and international trade and finance.

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