Program Description:
A general program that focuses on the scientific study of individual and collective behavior, the physical and environmental bases of behavior, and the analysis and treatment of behavior problems and disorders. Includes instruction in the principles of the various subfields of psychology, research methods, and psychological assessment and testing methods.

The program provides educational and research experiences that can prepare students for graduate or professional school in academic psychology, medicine, dentistry, nursing, public health, and law—to name a few. The bachelors degree program in psychology can also prepare you for diverse careers in applied fields such as counseling, business, and health and human services

Snapshot of Coursework:
-Introduction to Psychology
-Introduction to Cognitive Processes
-The Psychology of Social Behavior
-Developmental Psychology
-Brain & Behavior
-Research Methods and Data Analysis
-Psychology of Gender
-Psychology of Racism
-Abnormal Psychology
-Psychology of Family Violence
-Advanced Research Design and Data Analysis
-Motivation and Emotion
-Clinical Psychology

Careers That Connect to this Major:
Review Career Pathways in the Education, Health & Human Services Career Interest Community