Fulbright Alumni Story: Bailey Lathrop ’16, 2016 Fulbright U.S. Student

In this September 2022 recording, Bailey Lathrop ’16, 2016 Fulbright U.S. Student, shares insights and photos about their experience with the Fulbright Study/Research grant type.

As an undergraduate in the UNL University Honors Program, Bailey Lathrop majored in Geology and Anthropology, with minors in Spanish and Mathematics, and studied abroad in Buenos Aires. In 2016-17, they received a Fulbright U.S. Student Study/Research grant to study the sedimentology of the Cuyo Group in the Neuquén Basin, working with the Centro de Investigaciones Geológicas/CONICET and the National University of La Plata, Argentina. After Fulbright, they received a Presidents Scholarship to study normal fault growth with the Basins Research Group in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London.

More recently, Bailey submitted their doctoral dissertation and completed a position as a teaching fellow at Imperial College. Currently they are a Lecturer of Structural Geology at the University of Glasgow, conducting research using 3D seismic data to track fault growth through time.

In partnership with more than 140 countries worldwide, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers unparalleled opportunities in all academic disciplines to passionate and accomplished graduating college seniors, graduate students, and young professionals from all backgrounds. Program participants pursue graduate study, conduct research, or teach English abroad.

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