Writing Personal Statements workshop recording

Courtney Santos, Director of Undergraduate Research & Fellowships, shares strategies for writing effective personal statements as well as exercises for unlocking your creativity and originality in the writing process. This session is designed to help students master the art of crafting compelling and effective personal statements for graduate school, fellowship applications, and other academic opportunities.

Learn how to articulate your experiences, goals, and motivations in a clear and engaging manner. Gain insights on structuring your narrative, highlighting your strengths, and avoiding common pitfalls. Whether you’re just starting to write or looking to polish your draft, this workshop will provide the tools and strategies you need to create a standout personal statement!

This event was intended for currently enrolled UNL undergraduate students and alumni within one year of graduation with a bachelor’s degree. UNL community members may download the creative writing and reflection activities used in this video at https://go.unl.edu/personal_statements, or scan the QR code below: