International and National Fellowships

What Are National and International Fellowships?

The Fellowships Office at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln helps undergraduate students and alumni compete annually for a number of high-profile, nationally competitive scholarships.

  • Some provide funding to support you to attend graduate school
  • Others allow you to study or to conduct research overseas to gain practical experience in your field after graduation.  
  • A few are available for undergraduate study.

These external awards provide funding and life-changing opportunities across a range of disciplines and interests. For the ambitious student, applying for these national fellowships, in which you compete with the best and brightest in the United States, is a perfect culmination of your time at the University.

Students who engage in the process of applying for a fellowship typically gain:

  •  a stronger sense of their professional interests, strengths and talents, career goals, and graduate school options.
  • more confidence in the interview process.
  • experience in presenting and defending ideas both in writing and before review panels.
  • stronger guidance and relationships with faculty mentors.
  • involvement in research and creative activities.


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