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The Fellowships Advisor assists the student in all stages of the application process for competitive, merit-based national fellowships. The advisor provides information and advice on available programs, opportunities for strategic planning and reflection, and guidance for completing a competitive application. The advisor also reads and comments upon scholarship essays.

Through outreach to the campus community, the Fellowships Advisor seeks to develop a campus culture that identifies and encourages motivated students to pursue these enriching educational opportunities.

  • Early identification/recruitment of the student is very important. Students can be identified as early as the freshman year, requiring support by individual faculty, departments, and colleges BEFORE any application begins.
  • Talented students should be encouraged to apply for experiences and opportunities, such as undergraduate research and internships that will help them in the application down the road. There is also great educational value in the application process itself whether a student wins a scholarship or not.
  • Please contact Laura Damuth, Director of National and International Fellowships, if you would like to schedule a presentation for a class, department meeting, student club, or other gatherings. More focused workshops on personal statements can also be scheduled.


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