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Tell UNL About Your Internship/Co-op, Volunteerism, Research, and other Experience!

Introducing the Experiential Learning Dashboard in MyRed!

UNL students participate in a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities and the University wishes to capture information around these experiences.  If you have had an internship/co-op, volunteer, research, or career-related experience this 

By Mallory Celani
Mallory Celani Assistant Director of Employer & Internship Strategy Mallory Celani
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Women of Color in STEM Career Panel

In celebration of Women’s History Month, University Career Services in collaboration with student leaders at the University invites students, faculty, staff, and alumni to attend a career panel session to discuss the many contributions that women of color have had …

By Letty Garcia
Letty Garcia Career Advisor Letty Garcia
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Career Resources

The Office of Graduate Studies is committed to offering on-demand career and professional development resources. This Canvas site consists of …

Featured Classes

Plant Vision Initiative

Prof. Dr. Ashok Samal
Plant Vision initiative is committed to develop innovative algorithms to compute plant phenotypes by analyzing plant image sequences. It is…

Explore the Earth through Spatial Science

Prof. Dr. Yi Qi
In general my group is interested in environmental applications of geospatial technology and data, which address impacts of climate and…

The Ecohydrology and Hydrogeophysics Science Lab

Prof. Dr. Trenton Franz
Our goal is to monitor and model the flow of water through natural and human dominated ecosystems in order to…

Center for Resilience in Agricultural Working Landscapes

Prof. Dr. Craig Allen, Dr. Dan Uden, Dr. Liz VanWormer
The Center for Resilience in Agricultural Landscapes, with the partnership of the Nebraska One Health program and the Center for Grassland Studies, and…

Resilient Cropping Systems Lab

Prof. Dr. Andrea Basche
Welcome to the Resilient Cropping Systems Lab. Our research explores opportunities for agriculture to address 21st century challenges around profitability, resource…

Political Attitudes and Cognition Lab

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Haas
The PAC Lab studies political attitudes and beliefs and how they are influenced by a variety of social and contextual…

Biomedical and Obesity Research Core

The Biomedical and Obesity Research Core (BORC) is a one-stop shop core facility in the Nebraska Center for Prevention of…

Natarjan Lab

The primary goal of the Natarajan Lab is to elucidate the cytoprotective roles of dietary nutrients in combating against placental…

Vechetti Lab

Prof. Dr. Ivan Vechetti
The Vechetti Laboratory investigates skeletal muscle-derived extracellular vesicles in the context of exercise and inflammatory disease. We are also actively…

Applied Wildlife Ecology & Spatial Movement Lab

Prof. Dr. Andrew Little
The Applied Wildlife Ecology & Spatial Movement Lab (AWESM) focuses on developing innovative solutions to the growing wildlife conservation and…

Herpetology Lab

Prof. Dennis Ferraro
The herpetology lab at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln holds turtles, salamanders, frogs, and snakes for conservation, education, and research. Since…

Ecosystem Stoichiometry Lab

Prof. Dr. Jessica Corman
We study the processes that control and are affected by the flow of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other elements in…

Design for Decline

Prof. David Karle, Architecture
Thi research addresses broad questions beyond the architecture discipline that seek to identify and visualize spatial patterns of urbanism that…


Prof. Dr. Keegan Moore
The Moore Dynamics and Analytics Laboratory (MoDAL) operates at the forefront of research in nonlinear dynamics and vibrations by fusing…

Wittich Research Group

Prof. Dr. Christina Wittich
Our lab focuses on the analysis and design of structures to improve infrastructure and community resilience to natural hazards and…

Yang Research Group

Prof. Dr. Rugio Yang
Our group is dedicated to cutting-edge research in nanotechnology and biotechnology. Our goal is to understand living cells from an…

Landscape Architecture

Prof. Salvador Lindquist
Area of research is in environmental justice, systems thinking and mapping with a particular interest in post-industrial landscapes, shrinking cities…

BBR Scholars

BBR Scholars is a unique program providing undergraduate students with an opportunity to participate in meaningful economic research. Students will…

Yeutter Institute

The vision of University of Nebraska alumnus and renowned trade expert Clayton Yeutter, the Yeutter Institute connects academic disciplines related…

National Center for Research in Economic Education

The National Center conducts research studies, evaluates programs, conducts surveys and consults with organizations on special projects. This work advances…

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