The Explore Center

The Explore Center is the academic advising home for students who are undecided on a major, transitioning between majors, pre-health, pre-law, or pre-engineering. We can help you explore your interests, skills, and values and connect them with majors, careers, and pre-professional fields.

$50/hr. to walk a dog?!?! How to spot a fraudulent job.

Black man using laptop with job search engine on screen

A new job opportunity is waiting in your inbox.  An employer is interested in you and they just need a little more information to get you set up with this great opportunity.  The pay sounds phenomenal so you’re about to …

By Amber Pape
Amber Pape Events & Marketing Coordinator Amber Pape
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Major Exploration Week – Fall 2020

Majors Fair Banner 2020


The Explore Center is so excited to have you join us for this year’s Majors Fair. Like most events in 2020, we’ve gone virtual, and are pleased to share with you videos from many of the majors and departments …

By Kelsey Yadon
Kelsey Yadon Career Advisor Kelsey Yadon
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