Applying & Gaining Transferable Skills Resource

It is important to describe your experiences in terms of tasks and transferable skills so that employers fully understand how and what your accomplished.

Here are the Top 12 Transferable Skills employers look for on your application materials:


Articulate thoughts, ideas and messages in a calm and focused way to educate, influence, or persuade in person and through writing.

advise, advocate, convince, describe, draft, document, instruct, negotiate, reason, report, translate, write

Problem Solving

Use knowledge, facts and data to effectively solve problems, analyze issues, or make decisions. Use logic.

adjust, conclude, convert, enhance, formulate, identify, improve, increase, mediate, resolve, restructure, solve

Teamwork & Collaboration

Work with others to reach an objective. Share knowledge, learn together, and build consensus. Complete groups tasks.

collaborate, consult, cooperate, contribute, encourage, engage, ensure, guide, help, interact, partner, relate, support


Get things done and take responsibility. Be prepared. Develop new ideas. Assess and start things independently.

conceptualize, create, design, develop, device, establish, found, implement, lead, motivate, originate, pioneer, set up, start

Analytical & Quantitative

Collect, organize, visualize, and analyze information and/or data to problem-solve and make decisions.

allocate, analyze, balance, compare, compute, evaluate, examine, forecast, inspect, interpret, quantify, research

Professionalism & Work Ethic

Accept and demonstrate that good results require hard work. Show responsibility, work for high-quality results. Be committed.

aim, aspire, attend, dedicate, endeavor, engage, ensure, follow, listen, perform, respect, strategize, strive


Leverage the strength of others towards the achievement of a common goal. Manage emotions and overcome adversity.

accomplish, achieve, chair, coach, coordinate, direct, influence, initiate, lead, oversee, manage, mentor, motivate, train

Detail Orientation

Pay attention to the details. Maintain thoroughness and accuracy in task completion.
Stay organized.

arrange, compile, consolidate, coordinate, distribute, execute, implement, inspect, monitor, organize, plan, revise, schedule

Technical Skills

Use the information you have learned in your field/major of choice to complete the requirements of a role or job.

apply, assemble, build, calculate, convert, demonstrate, design, implement, install, maintain, operate, utilize

Resourcefulness & Adaptability

Deal well with new or challenging situations. Learn new information quickly. Change directions or strategies as needed.

acclimate, adapt, adjust, anticipate, change, comply, evolve, learn, modify, revise, rework


Demonstrate knowledge of and experience with technology. Select and use appropriate technology to accomplish tasks.

build, compute, construct, develop, engineer, install, maintain, operate, print, repair, replace, restore, upgrade

Creativity & Innovation

Combine knowledge from different areas to produce unique solutions and ideas. Use imagination, social, and literary abilities.

brainstorm, conceptualize, create, design, develop, envision, generate, illustrate, invent, launch, market, produce, shape