Engineering Career Services

Engineering Career Services serves the College of Engineering to join and empower each student on their individual path to success. Through key signature programming—career coaching appointments, licensure workshops, development events, career fairs, and more—Engineering Career Services offers a myriad of ways for students to seek and obtain support toward their professional goals. Learn all offerings here.

$50/hr. to walk a dog?!?! How to spot a fraudulent job.

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A new job opportunity is waiting in your inbox.  An employer is interested in you and they just need a little more information to get you set up with this great opportunity.  The pay sounds phenomenal so you’re about to …

By Amber Pape
Amber Pape Events & Marketing Coordinator Amber Pape
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Engineering Career Services Supports Student Success

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Visit and work with Engineering Career Services to:

Create and refine your application documents
Hone your interviewing skills
Meet and network with future employers
Gain industry knowledge
Learn to negotiate your salary
Build your future
Career Development Events

Additionally, Engineering …

By Bonnie Martin
Bonnie Martin Assistant Director of Career Services Bonnie Martin
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