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Pictured here: A group of students walking on campus. The focus of the picture is on two girls walking in the center of the crowd, laughing with one another.

Learn About Students – By the Numbers!

University Career Services and our campus partners work to capture informative data about UNL students and their career development during and after their collegiate experience.

Learn About UNL

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln consistently ranks in the top tier of national research universities and is ranked near the top third of all national universities, both public and private. In recent years, Nebraska has been ranked highly for value, graduation rate and access.

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Learn About Best Practices, Policies, & Affiliations in Career Services

In order to provide fair and equitable services to our students and employers, University Career Services expects employment professionals participating in our services or resources to adhere to a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing, and selection techniques as stipulated in the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct.

Find Resources for Employers

Employment professionals can find a library of resources such as tool kits, publications, guides, and third-party online resources here.

Top Wishes of Student Interns

Creating internships are a great way to build your organization’s talent pipeline, while also lowering your turnover rates and recruiting costs. But how do you, as an employer, create a valuable internship experience? There are many ways employers can ensure this goal is met for their student interns and that they enjoy the experience. To help you out, here are the top 9 things employers can do to create valuable internship experiences.

By Bailey Herrera
Bailey Herrera
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University Career Services offers benefits to employers and students with pilot, Micro-Internship and Mentoring Program

University Career Service has created a pilot program that will benefit local Lincoln employers and select University of Nebraska-Lincoln students with shorter term job opportunities called micro-internships. 

The Micro-Internship and Mentoring Program was launched by University Careers Services in the …

By Bailey Herrera
Bailey Herrera
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