The Micro-Internship and Mentoring Program is dedicated to assisting First-Generation students and BIPOC students find professional and exploration opportunities that they may not have had access otherwise. Through this program, students can explore, make connections, gain experience, and mentorship in an industry of interest while not having to commit to a longer, more traditional internship.

What is a Micro-Internship?

A Micro-Internship is a paid, short-term, project or observation-based assignment offered by a mentor/supervisor in an organization (examples below). These opportunities are free to host and are typically two to eight weeks long, ranging from 10-40 hours of total work. They can be completed in-person, remotely, or a combination of the two.

Project-based experiences

  • Develop social media campaign or marketing materials
  • Complete market research
  • Assist on industry-specific research
  • Write reports based on findings
  • Audit an account
  • Coordinate an event

Obervation-based experiences

For industries that would require additional education, certifications, or skills, such as engineering, architecture, and health care.

In addition to the observation/shadowing piece, one or more of the following:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Smaller projects that need assistance
  • Readings/case studies followed by discussions
  • Research and reports
  • Individual assignments for feedback

Benefits for Employers

  • Expand your team at no cost
  • Gain a project completed by a focused intern
  • Introduce prospective team members to your organization
  • Develop a pipeline of diverse talent
  • Increase your exposure as a great place to work


  • Connect with us
  • Identify project/activities for Intern(s)
  • Submit Project Form
  • Select Intern from applications received from program staff
  • Provide training, resources, and support to Intern
  • Mentor, make introductions, and give feedback to Intern

Connect with us to get started for Spring 2024 Micro-Internships!

Maddi Galusha

Graduate Assistant

Employer Coordinator