Presenting Your Research

Conferences are a great opportunity to learn more about the most current research in your field, to practice speaking about your own research, and to meet professors you might want to research with as a graduate student.

Nebraska Student Research Days and the Nebraska Summer Research Symposium are just two of many opportunities for you to share your research on campus. Some departments also hold research conferences for students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Ask your advisor about these opportunities.

Presenting your research at UNL allows you to practice speaking about your research to a non-specialized audience. It’s also a chance to get feedback from your advisor, graduate students, and other UNL professors.

Then consider attending regional or national disciplinary forums and conferences to present your research. Ask your advisor and any graduate students you interact with about the major disciplinary conferences in your field and smaller conferences.

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers limited travel grants for students who are presenting their research at a regional or national conference. Complete this request form and return it to to be considered for funding.