Student Researcher Success

Have you experienced a success in your undergraduate research and creative activities? Share your good news with the larger UNL community and beyond! The Office of Undergraduate Research & Fellowships would love to know about:

  • Publications and/or conference presentations;
  • Awards and honors;
  • News or other feature stories related to your research or creative activity;
  • Graduate school acceptances or job offers;
  • Other successes not listed above that you’d like to share!

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Please share details about your success. For example: Name and dates of conference and presentation title; Name and dates of publication (journal article, book chapter, etc.); Name of award or scholarship won and sponsoring organization; Graduate school program and your expected start date; Job title and company; Any other relevant information we would need to know about your success. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships will follow up on your success!
1) How has participation in undergraduate research or creative activities benefitted your academic, professional, or personal development? 2) What is your favorite memory of your undergraduate research experiences so far?
What are your career or professional ambitions? After graduating, do you plan to attend graduate school? If so, what type of degree would you like to earn, and what academic field(s) are you considering? Examples: Ph.D, Physics with a focus on solid-state or condensed matter physics; M.S., Computer Science, with research interests in artificial intelligence.
Besides FYRE or UCARE, have you participated in other research or professional skills development programs? Example: National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates, Rutgers University, Summer 2022
Besides FYRE or UCARE, have you held any leadership roles? Example: Vice President, Society of Physics Students, 2022-23.
Is there anything that we didn’t ask, but you would like to share, about your undergraduate research or creative experience?
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