DACA and Employment FAQ’s

How do I know when my work permit expires?

Should I tell my employer if my DACA and work authorization expires?

Can my employer ask to see my work permit again?

Are there any limits on my employer’s ability to reverify my work authorization?

Can my employer fire me?

Is there anything else I can do to keep my job?

What happens if my work permit expires and my employer fails to request a new work permit?

If my work permit expires, what happens to my employer if they fail to request a new work permit and continue to employ me?

What should I do if my employer offers to pay me under the table after learning my work authorization has expired?

Can I work as an independent contractor?

If I lose my job, am I entitled to be paid out my vacation and paid sick leave balances?

If I lose my job, do I qualify for unemployment benefits?

If I lose my job, can I request the funds in my employer-sponsored retirement account?

What benefits should I try to negotiate for with my employer upon my termination from employment?

What happens to my Social Security number?

Can my employer call ICE about me?

For more information, please visit the National Immigration Law Center resource or connect with a University Career Services, Career Coach.


Prepared by Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus, ASPIRE, National Immigration Law Center, and United We Dream. Thank you to Educators for Fair Consideration, Legal Aid at Work, and Outten and Golden for their input and assistance with this FAQ.

Please note that the information in the National Immigration Law Center FAQ’s is not legal advice. It is merely informational. Federal employees may have different obligations. Obligations may also vary according to the terms of any applicable employment contract. To get legal advice specific to your situation, consult a qualified immigration and employment attorney.