Art & Design

Vintage Audio Video Club

Art & DesignRecreationTheatre/Film

Do you enjoy listening to records or collecting VHS tapes? Then the Vintage Audio Video Club (VAVC) is the club …

Laurus Magazine

Academic/ProfessionalArt & DesignRecreation

To provide a place for exceptional creative writing students to publish their work.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Game Development Club

Academic/ProfessionalArt & Design

Through the UNL Game Development Club, students from any discipline can collaborate on developing video games and learn about the …

UNL Street Art & Mural Club

Academic/ProfessionalArt & DesignRecreation

The UNL Street Art & Mural Club is an organization geared toward creative placemaking and spreading awareness of various issues …

Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design Graduate Student Organization

Academic/ProfessionalArt & DesignGraduate Student Organization

The student-led group will connect and empower graduate students in the fields of textile science, design, material culture, merchandising, and all …

UNL Painting Club

Academic/ProfessionalArt & DesignRecreation

The painting club is meant to build a better painting community and provide art students with more opportunities to show …