Additional Promotion Opportunities for Employers Attending the Spring University Career Fair

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 global pandemic has seriously changed the normal ways we function in our daily and work lives.  These changes have altered the traditional in-person career fair experience to a virtual career fair environment, causing all of us to rethink how we promote, engage, and connect in this unique season.  To help employers attending the virtual Spring University Career Fair further promote their organizations in the midst of this challenging time, we have created the following promotional opportunities for employers:

Assorted swag bag items

Faculty Swag Bag Sponsorships:

From previous post-fair student evaluations, we found that many students hear about and are encouraged to attend the career fair via a UNL faculty member.  To help encourage faculty members to promote career fair involvement, Career Services will be assembling swag bags for faculty who commit to marketing the career fair to students by providing extra credit or requiring attendance.  Employers wanting to participate will need to send 50 pieces of swag to the Career Services office by Friday, January 29th. If you want to participate, contact Holly Pham to confirm details.


Registered Student Door Prize Sponsorships:

Students that register for the fair will be entered to win employer-sponsored door prizes, each valued at $50 or more. Prizes such as gift cards, gift baskets, nice apparel, etc. will give students extra incentive to register early and sign up for sessions. Leading up to the fair the winners will be announced on the Career Services Instagram account, along with the companies sponsoring each prize.  If interested, contact Holly Pham and plan to send the door prize to the Career Services office by Friday, January 29th.


Mobile phone with Career Services Instagram account shown on screen

Employer Career Advice Video Submissions:

UNL students love hearing directly from employers, so Career Services is working to compile employer career fair advice videos to help prepare our students for the upcoming virtual career fair experience.  We plan to highlight some of these on our social media channels leading up to the fair, as well as create learning resources for students and faculty/staff before the fair.  If you have paid your career fair registration fees and are interested in participating in this endeavor, please send a 30 second or less video answering one of the below questions.  Employers are welcome to answer more than 1 question, but we ask that each question’s answer is a separate video file. Knowing that many employers are working from home, we suggest recording the video on a phone or webcam in a quiet location with a blank/non-busy background.

  1. Why should a student meet with you at the virtual career fair?
  2. What is a career fair tip you have for our Husker students?
  3. What are some key things you are looking for in your candidates?  What makes them stand out in the virtual career fair experience?
  4. What makes a good elevator pitch/introduction?
  5. What can students do after the career fair to keep in contact with the recruiters they connect with?

Send your video(s) by Friday, January 29th to Amber Pape, along with your name, title, and company name so that we can add these pieces of info into our final compilation videos.

Employer Marketing Toolkit

The University Career Fair Employer Marketing Toolkit and Education Career Fair Marketing Toolkit contain marketing materials that employers can use and adapt to help promote their attendance at the upcoming career fair(s).  The kit will include images that correlate with the on-campus marketing campaign, sample copy, and email signature ad blocks.

By Amber Pape
Amber Pape Senior Events & Marketing Coordinator