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By: Luiza Goncalves Oliveira Benvenuti, Senior Psychology Student from Brusque, Brazil, and Senior Peer Career Guide with University Career Services

As soon as we get to UNL, everyone talks about involvement and how that can impact the skills we develop and how employers will perceive our college years after graduation. I know that I have not gotten to know Lincoln as much as I would wish for because, as Bryan mentions, I definitely was in the University bubble. But not anymore. In this post, Bryan Seck will be talking about the importance of getting involved in the community, how to do so and a few details about Lincoln that you perhaps have never heard about.

Bryan Seck serves as the Director of Workforce Development for the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development. He studied in Spain and Russia, served in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, and moved to Lincoln 8 years ago.

  1. Why do you think it is important for international students to get involved in the Lincoln community?

The university is just like a bubble, it is just a piece of the city. Lincoln is one of the largest destinations for refugees. People from Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Central America, South America, Bosnia, and Ukraine are here and thriving in the Lincoln community. So, there are many people and opportunities to meet. Give Pulse is a website for university students to learn about volunteering opportunities such as the Good Neighbor Center and the Center for People in Need.

Volunteer Opportunities in Lincoln

  1. Can you highlight any projects you are working on that could use the help of volunteers?

There is a current project with a grant that was funded by Google where we help refugees with college degrees in their home country return to their careers here in Lincoln. Many of you may know that if you get a Law degree in Iraq, it does not mean you can be a lawyer in the United States. What our project does is help people understand how much school they need to go to or training before they can return to their profession.

Impact Challenge With Google Grant

I would also recommend checking the Mayor’s Economic Task Force with COVID-19. There is a lot of work happening in our community to make sure we are able to bounce back economically during and after COVID.

Mayor’s Economic Task Force with Covid-19

  1. What is the best way for UNL international students to get connected to volunteer opportunities?

Cause Collective is a group that brings together all the non-profits in Lincoln. You can sign up for a free newsletter that comes out once a month and allow you to scroll through opportunities and learn everything that is going on in Lincoln and how to get involved.

Cause Collective Lincoln

By Luiza Benvenuti
Luiza Benvenuti Career Connections Intern