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Exploring Pathways: How a Career Event Opened Doors to a Rare Internship Opportunity for this UNL Undergrad

“It really solidified for me that this is the right career for me, because it’s so rewarding. Helping a child, being a part of their support staff, and seeing them succeed and advance in treatment, it’s like the best feeling …

By Gage Boardman-Allgood
Gage Boardman-Allgood
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Internship Guide for International Students

Hello! I am a second-year master’s student in the Educational Administration Student Affairs program at UNL and recently completed my summer internship at Brown University. The internship was part of my required curriculum and a fantastic opportunity to gain experience, …

By Cholpon Kalandarova
Cholpon Kalandarova Graduate Student in Educational Administration Student Affairs
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From Greens to Graphics: How This Golfer Teed Up a Successful Design Business 

“I was lucky to have some really good professors that encouraged me even when I didn’t know what I wanted to do within graphic design,” said Kate Smith. “I didn’t really know where I fit in that industry either, so …

By Gage Boardman-Allgood
Gage Boardman-Allgood
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