2020 Fall Virtual Fairs Troubleshooting Guide

Employer/Career services Connectivity Test: http://app.joinhandshake.com/video_sessions/test_session

Twilio Network Test: https://networktest.twilio.com/

Browser Recommendations and Troubleshooting:

Chrome or Firefox is recommended for the best experience. Safari for iOS.

  • Video and chat will be available on desktop web, iOS, and Android mobile apps for students. Mobile web could also be used, but for the best experience, we strongly recommend desktop web (Chrome or Firefox) or native mobile apps. Ipads do not work to connect to sessions.
  • Macs- pop up windows must be allowed to allow the video window to open. To assist with getting this setting correct, here is a screenshot under Safari > Preferences to help get permissions set up correctly:

Time Zone Issues:

Screen Sharing:

  • Employers can share their screen. Students will not have screen share option.
  • Virtual fair video screen sharing will only be supported on Chrome & Firefox.
  • If students want to share their resume/portfolio/project/etc, they should save the item in Box/Google Drive and share the link in the chatbox with the employer.

Reporting a Trust & Safety Issue:

Participants can report any user or message (including the host) for fraudulent, spam, or other inappropriate activity. More info here.

Test network connection: https://networktest.twilio.com/

Unresolvable issues/questions:  check the Handshake Status page and escalate questions to Handshake Support. When filling out the contact form, please make sure you select “Day of Virtual Fair/Event” category option.



Handshake Video Requirements & Troubleshooting (Students) 

Students can access sessions 5 minutes early for testing purposes.

Students can report any issue that comes up in any session. – Go to settings>Report a Problem



Handshake Virtual Career Fairs: Helping Employers

Handshake Video Requirements & Troubleshooting (Employers)

Employers are able to access/launch sessions 1 hour early for testing purposes.

When an employer host selects to remove a participant and confirm this action there will be no way for the employer to add the participant back in after they have been removed.

Employers can remove all qualifications to open up remaining spots to all students the day of the fair.

Employers can report any issue that comes up in any session. – Go to settings>Report a Problem