By: Luiza Goncalves Oliveira Benvenuti, Senior Psychology Student from Brusque, Brazil, and Senior Peer Career Guide with University Career Services

Maintaining my immigration status has always been a worry of mine. I’ve always felt the need to know the step by step of applying for CPT & OPT, eligibility requirements, and timelines. Even though I had a small understanding of what was going on, I was super excited to learn that the International Student Scholar Office has been working on providing students with the information we need about our immigration status. You can find all the information on pre- and post-completion OPT, completion date, application process, and much more by clicking here. However, there are still many question that arise while thinking about immigration. In this video, Natalia Meyer and Nakell Baker are going to be answering a few of those questions and giving some advise on CPT & OPT.

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