Policy for Use of Career Services

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Call us at (402)-472-3145 or email us at CareerServices@unl.edu

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Career Services is a centralized, comprehensive career center for students, alumni, faculty, and employers.

The services that we provide are extended to:

  • Students enrolled for the current semester in a UNL degree program (or a joint academic program* with UNK, UNL, or UNMC).
  • UNL Alumni who are in good standing.

Eligible Academic Joint Programs

Policy for Use of UNL, UNO, UNK & UNMC Career Services By University of Nebraska Students & Alumni

University of Nebraska career services are designed to meet the needs of enrolled students and alumni. In some cases, students or alumni from UNK, UNL, UNMC and UNO are permitted to use specific career services provided by another campus of the University of Nebraska.

Fees may be required for services and events according to the policy of the individual campus.

The following services at UNL, UNO, UNK, and UNMC are usually open to students and alumni of the University of Nebraska.

  • INFORMATION - Career information, vacancy listings, employer publications and other informational resources are usually available for use by students and alumni of the University of Nebraska System. Some resources, such as vacancy listings on the web, may be restricted to students and alumni from their respective campus of graduation.
  • EMPLOYER PRESENTATIONS AND CAREER EVENTS - Many employers present information about their organizations at career days or other special events. They do this to educate students about career opportunities and to attract students to interview with their organizations. These events are often open to students and alumni of the University of Nebraska system, unless the event is sponsored by a student organization requiring membership.

The following services at UNL, UNO, UNK and UNMC are usually restricted to students and alumni of their respective campus.

  • CAREER ADVISING - Students and alumni seeking individual career advising should meet with advisors from their respective campus of graduation.
  • ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEWS AND REFERRAL SYSTEMS - Students enrolled in joint academic programs will be permitted to schedule interviews or participate in referral systems on participating campuses.
  • CREDENTIAL SYSTEMS - Higher education students and teachers should obtain employment services from their respective campus of graduation.
Important Handshake User Agreement

Handshake is a service provided to the eligible individuals as mentioned above and for employers seeking University of Nebraska – Lincoln candidates for employment.

As a user of Handshake, users agree to:

  • Maintain current, accurate and truthful information about my qualifications and educational background in my online profile, my resume and any supplemental job search documents I upload to the system.
  • Keep all my profile information up to date, including my educational and demographic information.
  • Protect and maintain my username and password.
  • Abide by the UNL Career Services No Show Policy regarding on campus interviews including requirements for canceling interviews
  • Abide by UNL Computer Use Policies

I understand that using Handshake is a privilege and not a right and can be suspended or terminated at the discretion of UNL Career Services without review by UNL.

NOTICE: By using Handshake through University of Nebraska-Lincoln Career Services, I have the option of inclusion in resume books. If I participate in resume books, I am consenting to the release of my resume and certain employment related information. University of Nebraska-Lincoln staff will use their best efforts to verify that only bona fide employers are given the password for accessing Handshake services to list vacancies, access resumes and schedule interviews with student and alumni subscribers. Students and alumni using Handshake, or similar web-based job search sites, should use good judgement in sharing personal information with potential employers. If in doubt about sharing requested information with a Handshake employer, please consult UNL Career Services.

If you would like assistance with your Handshake account, stop by UNL Career Services Resource Center located in room 225 of the Nebraska Union or contact us at (402) 472-3145