Student Outreach

Learn about services and resources available for recruiting UNL students and alumni.

UNL Career Services is transitioning from listing part-time, internship and full-time opportunities in Husker Hire Link (HHL) to Handshake. Helpful information for Handshake can be found here. The instructions provided below are for Husker Hire Link.

Create a New Husker Hire Link Account and Post a Job

  1. Click here to create a Husker Hire Link account and post a job at the same time
  2. Choose “Register and Post Job to UNL Only (free)”
  3. Complete the required items marked with a red asterisk.
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. Within one business day your account and job posting will be reviewed by our staff. You will receive a message with your password, and the position will be visible to students/alumni.

Use Existing Husker Hire Link Account to Post a Job

  1. Log in to Husker Hire Link using your e-mail address and password
  2. Choose the "Jobs" tab
  3. Under "Job Posting (non-OCI)", click "Add new"
  4. Enter the job description and application information, items required are marked with a red asterisk
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. The position will be reviewed by our staff and visible to students/alumni within one business day.

UNL Career Services is transitioning from listing part-time, internship and full-time opportunities in Husker Hire Link (HHL) to Handshake. Helpful information for Handshake can be found here. The instructions provided below are for Husker Hire Link. Direct-hire employers can access student and alumni resumes.

Access Existing Resume Books

Career Services has created several resume books for specific majors or groups. Click on the link to Resume Books at the top of your Husker Hire Link homepage.

Conduct Your Own Resume Search

For resume search authorization, contact us at (402) 472-3145. Once access has been granted:

  1. Log in to Husker Hire Link
  2. Choose "Resume Books" tab (if this tab is not present, you do not have authorization and will need to request it)
  3. Select "All Resumes" book to search all candidates or select more specialized books.
  4. Use the Advanced Resume Search to narrow results
  5. Click "submit" to view your results
  6. E-mail candidates directly, save an excel file or download resumes.

SEARCH TIP: From the resume search menu, keep your first search broad by only choosing the minimum requirements. If the search results in too many candidates, add more filtering criteria.

Request a Resume Search

Career Services will conduct a customized resume search for you. Provide us with desired qualifications and we will e-mail resumes to you.

Career Services offers a variety of reasonably prices career fairs which attract an average of 6000 students each year.

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Career Services offers free interview space on-campus. Interviews are typically held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, city campus, 225 Nebraska Union, 14th & R Streets, Career Resource Center. We also have limited space available on East Campus.

UNL Career Services is transitioning from listing part-time, internship and full-time opportunities in Husker Hire Link (HHL) to Handshake. Helpful information for Handshake can be found here. The instructions provided below are for Husker Hire Link.

Request an interview date and schedule

  1. Log in to Husker Hire Link or create an account.
  2. Click on the tab “On Campus Interviewing (OCI)” and then click on “Request a Schedule”
  3. Enter: interview date, schedule type, job title(s), description(s), required major(s) and graduation date range
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. Your request will be reviewed by our staff; you will receive an e-mail confirmation with details.
  6. If you must cancel your interview date for reasons other than bad weather or illness, contact our office and contact your scheduled students directly.

Types of interview Schedules

  • PRESELECT - Employers post a position, receive submitted resumes, and select those individuals they wish to interview. Selected individuals use Husker Hire Link to reserve an interview time. Resume submission deadlines are set based on the employers' interview dates. This option is only available if requested at least three weeks before the interview date.

  • OPEN - Employers allow individuals to select an interview time on a first come, first serve basis.

  • ROOM ONLY - Career Services provides only the room(s). Employers schedule interviews directly with candidates. Please bring a copy of your final interview schedule on the day of interviews so that we can post it on our waiting room bulletin board.

  • POST CAREER FAIR - Individual interview rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and additional interview space is available in a large room with tables. After registering for the career fair, use Husker Hire Link to request an on-campus interview reservation for the following day or another day in the future.

Campus Visit Alternatives

  • Conduct a web-based video interview - Career Services provides a web-based video capability room. Make your request just as you would for an on-campus interview and select “City Campus – Skype Room” for the interview location. The interviewer will need a computer with a video camera and Skype (or other software) installed. The interview schedule will be in Central Time.

  • Conduct a phone interview - Career Services offers a room for students that has a land-line telephone. To use this option, make your request just as you would for an on-campus interview and select “City Campus – Phone Room” for the interview location. The interview schedule will be in Central Time.


Premier Catering is the only the University-approved vendor for the Nebraska Union and must be used for food/beverage orders. A UNL-specific menu with costs is available at Contact Premier Catering at (402) 323-8422 to discuss your options.

Career Services supports employers and students throughout the internship process from development, implementation, and evaluation. Internships are temporary, pre-professional work experiences. Your organization gains support for its operations and projects while the intern gains experience and career-related skills.

Intern Compensation

Most organizations compensate interns by hourly wage or stipend; some employers offer non-paid internships. Many UNL students fund their own education and/or may be in a high demand discipline, either of which may lead a student to consider only paid opportunities. Last year’s intern pay rates are available for review.

Intern Goals and Evaluation

The Internship Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlines personal learning objectives and details of the internship. Interns and supervisors complete this document to share a mutual understanding of the work. Some academic departments use alternative forms to document internships.

Evaluations will provide valuable feedback for the student, the organization, and Career Services. At the end of each term of the internship, both the student and supervisor should complete an Internship Evaluation. Some employers have their own evaluation, but if not, you may use the Student's Internship Evaluation and Supervisor's Internship Evaluation

Intern Academic Credit

Some academic departments encourage students to receive academic credit for an internship while others will not award credit for an internship. The decision is up to the student and a faculty member. Academic departments may record the credit using Career Services' Academic Credit Contract or their own internal documents. If the student receives academic credit, they pay related tuition and fees and complete academic work in addition to the work done for the employer.

Intern Hours

Work schedules are varied and tend to be flexible. Typically, students work ten to twenty hours per week while enrolled in courses, while others work full-time during the summer.

Intern Funding

UNL doesn't subsidize student intern wages. However, there may be grant-funded entities as a resource for employers. EPSCOR assists organizations enhancing their science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and biomedical research. The InternNE program provides matching funds for eligible businesses to create new internships.

Career Services provides Internship Payroll Management that includes verifying student status, setting up payroll, and issuing bi-weekly paychecks to the student. UNL bills the organization quarterly for total intern earnings plus a processing fee.

Enrollment at UNL includes over 2000 students from over 130 countries. These talented students meet the same academic enrollment standards as U.S. students and often have education and professional experience from their home country. Career Services and International Student and Scholar Services Office address common questions regarding the hiring of international students.

Before Graduation

Curricular Training

Volunteer Experiences - Volunteer experiences provide opportunities for international students to gain knowledge of a career field and specific skills. Organizations cannot hire an international student as an unpaid intern or volunteer if they generally pay a U.S. citizen to do the same work. International students may still need to seek authorization even if an internship is unpaid. The article "Legal Issues: International Students And Unpaid Internships" gives more information.

Internships or Cooperative Education - Curricular Practical Training (CPT) enables employers to hire a F-1 international student. The experience must relate to the student's major field of study, be offered for academic credit, not cause the student to drop below full-time enrollment and must be approved by UNL International Student Advisors each semester of participation. Additional documentation from Career Services is required.

J-1 exchange students may be eligible for off-campus "Academic Training". The criteria for academic training is similar but involves a different application process and does not require any documentation from Career Services. For example, UNL participates in the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) which brings talented Brazil students to study for one-year in the United States. The BSMP program has a required internship component.

After Graduation

Practical/Academic Training

International students are typically eligible to gain practical work experience to supplement their academic programs. However, a student must request and receive work authorization prior to beginning any employment.

Optional Practical Training (F-1 Visa) - Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a benefit available to students who are in the F-1 immigration classification that enables them to get experience in their field of study for a period of twelve months (with the option of an additional 17 months in certain circumstances) after completion of their program. Authorization is granted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Academic Training (J-1 Visa) - Students in the J-1 immigration classification may apply for academic training (temporary work authorization) for a period of 18 months (with an option of an additional 18 months in certain circumstances)

...and beyond

Post Academic Options

International students who are no longer eligible for student-related training may have other options available to them. The most common is the H-1B, temporary work visa. Employers intending to recruit and hire a foreign national may petition U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) for an H-1B Visa.