Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork and Collaboration skill

The ability to work collaboratively with others through sharing knowledge, learning together, and building consensus to reach goals and objectives.

  • Get along and work productively in a group setting
  • Be positive, patient, approachable, and dependable.
  • Being open to new ideas and solutions to meet objectives
  • Listen actively to understand other’s point of views
  • Practice empathy and flexibility with the ability to pivot when needed.
  • Support and acknowledge others for reaching goals
  • Collaborate with team to identify and solve problems
  • Compromise to find the most realistic solution
  • Evaluate solutions to complex issues and concerns
  • Initiate small talk and build rapport with others
  • Deal with conflict and difficult team members effectively
  • Convey a sense of belonging, humor, and goodwill in the workplace

Action verbs: collaborated, consulted, cooperated, contributed, encouraged, engaged, ensured, guided, helped, interacted, partnered, related, supported