Set An Appointment with a Career Advisor in MyPlan

To set an appointment with your advisor, please access the UNL MyPlan system here.


New to MyPlan? Learn more about setting up an appointment below:

1. Go to

2. Click the “MyPlan” button.

You will be required to provide your single sign on information.

You will be taken to MyPlan front page.

3. Click “Career Development”

4. Select “Click here for Career Development Appointments and Locations

On the next page you can see a list of colleges, organizations and offices listed.

5. Select your college/major or department to bring up your college specific advisors

You college career services page will appear and have all the advisors listed for the department.


A page with selections for “What do you need help with?” comes up.

7. Select what you need help with and click “CONTINUE

7. Select a day and time to schedule an appointment with your college advisor and click “CONTINUE

8. Review the information for your appointment and set a “Location” (Zoom meeting, Phone, or in person at the advisors office)

You can also give the advisor a brief description on what you need help with.

Click “CONFIRM” and you’re all set!

If you need to make changes click “Make a change to this appointment

Your appointment has been scheduled and there is nothing more you need to do.