Professionalism & Work Ethic

professionalism, work ethic, skill

The ability to commit to a high standard for your work, be a self-starter and work independently to develop new ideas and complete tasks, and consistently maintain a positive outlook.

  • Commit to your own standard of excellence and set/achieve high standards.
  • Consistently maintain a positive and open outlook when experiencing challenges.
  • Ability to manage your attitude, emotions, mental/physical well-being.
  • Take responsibility for your own learning & development needs.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for decisions.
  • Consistently plan, prioritize, and manage your time and workload.
  • Demonstrate diligence, patience, and resiliency when dealing with difficulties.
  • Adapt your approach or style to a range of individuals and circumstances.
  • Prioritize your own self-care at work and outside of work to maintain balance and avoid burnout.
  • Demonstrate self-belief and advocate for your professional growth and development.

Action verbs: aimed, aspired, attended, dedicated, endeavored, engaged, ensured, followed, listened, performed, respected, strategized, strived