Leadership & Initiative

leadership, skillInitiative skill

The ability to leverage the strength of others toward the achievement of common goals, manage emotions, and help overcome obstacles and adversity, and be a self-starter, work independently to develop new ideas, and complete tasks.

  • Cast vision, direction, and elicit buy-in
  • Guide and inspire others to meet the goals and objectives.
  • Develop and facilitate innovative ideas and solutions to complex problems
  • Take smart risks and make hard decisions
  • Negotiate terms, conditions, and deadlines
  • Recognize potential, develop, encourage and mentor talent
  • Foster a sense of ownership among team members
  • Delegate responsibility and review performance
  • Obtain the appropriate tools and resources needed for success
  • Be prepared and take on more than what’s required

Action verbs: accomplished, achieved, chaired, championed, coached, coordinated, conceptualized, developed, devised, directed,  empowered, established, facilitated, implemented, influenced,  inspired, initiated,  lead,  managed, mentored, motivated, originated, pioneered, started, trained