How to Apply: UCARE

Define your research interests

What courses have you enjoyed? What questions or issues in your field interest you? What are your goals for your research experience? Knowing the type of research you want to do and understanding the environment in which you’d like to conduct your research are essential for finding the right faculty advisor. Consider watching research presentations from past undergraduate researchers and review department websites to learn more about current research taking place.

Identify prospective faculty research advisor

See the resources for identifying and meeting with prospective faculty research advisors. You must have a faculty research advisor on board before you apply for UCARE funding.

Meeting with a potential faculty research advisor

Send an introductory email to the potential faculty research advisor with your goals and your knowledge of the topic and the professor’s research. If you’ve had research experience, describe the work you’ve done and with whom and let the faculty member know you’d like to meet to discuss their research and the possibility of joining their research team.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, be sure to bring

  • A resume
  • A brief write-up of your research interests and the skills you are developing or would like to develop
  • A list of relevant courses that you’ve taken
  • A notebook and pen

If you know you’d like to go to graduate school and study a specific field, share this with your potential mentor. If he or she isn’t a match, you might get an excellent recommendation to meet with another person.

Write your proposal and submit the application

After receiving the commitment from your faculty research advisor, you’re ready to write your research proposal and submit an application to UCARE via NuRAMP. Applications are typically accepted November – February for awards in the following Summer and Academic Year. Watch the Undergraduate Research calendar for specific dates.