Organization and Detail Orientation

detail orientation skill

The ability to prioritize tasks, stay focused, and use your time, and energy efficiency in order to achieve goals and objectives, as well as be thorough, accurate, and pay close attention to details.

  • Identify and prioritize and categorize tasks, information, and details.
  • Create efficient organizational systems and protocols
  • Develop guidelines for implementing and follow through on task/plan completion
  • Show up to work, meetings, and events prepared and on time, if not a bit early
  • Set up a standard operating procedure to maintain a high-quality work product
  • Break up large projects into smaller tasks and develop a timeline for task completion
  • Utilize a task management system to help systemize goals and timelines
  • Build-in breaks to reset your focus before taking on new tasks or projects
  • Make a habit to review, proofread, and check the accuracy of documents and reports

Action verbs: accounted for, caught, cataloged, cited, completed, designated, identified, itemized, listed, noticed, recounted, resolved, tabulated