Creativity & Innovation

creative, innovation, skill

The ability to combine specialized knowledge, insight, and information to come up with unique ideas and solutions.

  • Make a list to sort your thoughts and select an idea as you see patterns form
  • Hone and make time for creative and design thinking and block time during your most creative hours
  • Learn how to clarify the problem/challenge and consider writing a problem statement to stay focused
  • Build a ‘design team or network’ to bounce ideas off others and see different angles to help reconstruct your idea
  • Be open to feedback through sharing your ideas with team members to engage and inspire others
  • Learn how to pitch your ideas to decision-makers and be prepared to ask for resources
  • Take risks and develop prototypes are necessary to try, test, and refine ideas

Action verbs: brainstormed, conceptualized, created, designed, developed, envisioned, generated, illustrated, invented, launched, marketed, produced, shaped