Interpersonal Communication

communication skill

The ability to focus on the individual speaking, comprehend their message, and respond thoughtfully to what was conveyed by articulating thoughts, vision, and ideas in a calm and focused way to inform, influence, or persuade.

  • Ability to express yourself effectively (written and verbally)
  • Ask questions and clarify meaning with an approachable tone
  • Present yourself professionally both inside and outside of the office.
  • Actively listen and ask others for their point of view
  • Ask clarifying questions to facilitate understanding
  • Present ideas effectively using a professional tone
  • Participate in group and team discussions
  • Ask questions to obtain information
  • Confront and express opinions without offending others
  • Debate and discuss ideas with others using a professional tone
  • Influence and persuade others to a certain point of view

Action verbs: advised, advocated, articulated, clarified, convinced, described, documented, influenced, informed, inquired, listened, negotiated, persuaded, reasoned, translated